"The Son of Man feasts and drinks... wisdom is shown to be right by its results." Matthew 11:19 (NLT)

Originally created as the facebook page hospochurch as a means of connecting those in the hospitality, airline and tourism sectors with faith discussion, the hospochurch page soon attracted the attention of thousands of online users across the globe, and now has over 130,000 subscribers.

hospochurch.org was then developed out of recognition of this growing hunger with an emphasis for authentic Christianity being shown through hospitality.

Now a network of social media enthusiasts, ministers, church planters and hospitality trainers are networked to further see the love of Jesus Christ demonstrated through hospitality, by not only outreaching to the hospitality sector, but also equiping individuals and groups in the art of relational discipleship and excellence in hospitality.

The team at hospochurch.org currently focus on three main initiatives:

  • Outreach to the hospitality sector
  • Training in relational discipleship
  • Coaching on excellence in hospitality